Tekken 6 is a HIT!

Yeah, yeah, big surprise. Well, a poster at Tekken Zaibatsu posted this info. Apparently the latest earnings of arcades in Japan were tallied by Arcadia Magazine, and as of April 10, the highest-earning game was, of course, Tekken 6. A far second was Guilty Gear XX, while Virtua Fighter 5 was a distant third. Nice news for Namco Bandai, who had to close up some arcades thanks to the recent economic slump. What does this mean for us? Well, hopefully it will get Namco to get off their arses and get hopping to selling us rabid gamers that much-awaited blockbuster-to-be PS3 version of their beautiful brawler. So they can milk out more money from us and have us making Sony happy by using their black monoliths. Man, am I glad I got that Tekken 6 mook. It’s gonna be a while before the game hits, maybe. Or maybe not. More on this as we get it.


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