New Soulcalibur IV Fighter!

Scheherazade surely has a story to tell…

Not to be outdone by a certain Capcom fighting game sequel that also revealed a new character recently also in this blog, Namco-Bandai’s Soulcalibur IV also showed off a new competitor in the pages of Famitsu. The new character is named Scheherazade, who looks all the world like… Zelda. The Elfin-eared female is certainly easy on the eyes, but how does she fight? She actually seems to be more at home with some Japanese RPG than a fighting game, but what the heck… the more the merrier, and sorry for those hoping Darth Maul or some other Sith Lord of Jedi would make their appearance.

Anyway, a bit of info for those not in the know- Scheherazade may be based on almost-legendary Persian Queen of the same name, and original teller of the Tales of the Arabian Nights. Just what her weapon is as yet unknown. Her story? Probably has a lot to tell, I guess.

Anyways, I’m happy to see more coming out from SCIV, and with the game set to be unleashed in less than three months or so, it’s got a lot of revealing and teasing to do on the way to release.


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