Tekken 6 USA Situation: The Final Word?

Despite the word that an arcade in Texas received Tekken 6 units, the overall picture for arcades in the US getting a wide release of Namco’s latest King of Iron Fist game is bleak. According to SD-Tekken, the game will NOT be receiving an official arcade release in the US since Namco closed down its US Arcade Division some time ago. The game was shown off in a recent arcade expo to test the waters, and it just didn’t sell well enough.

Unfortunately for most US gamers, the Tekken 6 arcade units are just too expensive for most arcade owners, so unless there’s huge demand in an area and the arcade takes independent steps, as in Texas and in Canada, there won’t be games coming.

So, again, it’s all up to Namco’s consumer division to step up work on the PS3 version of Tekken 6 for most gamers in the US to get a taste of this latest brawler. Perhaps this will be a good thing, and perhaps this lack of any US release will herald an earlier release of the console port. I know I want the darn thing yesterday. My PS3’s freakin’ aching for it. More on this as news comes- hopefully the upcoming release of Soulcalibur IV in June will edge us closer to the flagship fighter’s eventual release.


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