The Bosses are Back in Streetfighter IV

Gamevideos just posted some cam vids of arcade testing for Streetfighter IV in Japan. The videos have revealed that at least two of Streetfighter II’s original bosses- Balrog the boxer and Sagat the Muay Thai master- are back in the game. Both certainly look and fit right in with the game’s rougher, bulkier art style, and thankfully Sagat is the big, muscular version of the Alpha games rather than the tall but thin Sagat in the earlier SF games. Also revealed are new stages, such as Balrog’s casino.

This probably means that the roster will eventually include Vega as well… not sure though if M. Bison will return. I’m just hoping that the flow of all-new characters doesn’t stop with Crimson Viper and blah Abel. More on this as it happens.


One Response to “The Bosses are Back in Streetfighter IV”

  1. blurredsmile Says:

    Yay, I can annoy people with Tiger Shot again =D

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