Streetfighter IV Home Port to Include More Fighters, Extras

Wired just posted an article and interview with Yoshinori Ono, the man behind the development of Streetfighter IV. The lengthy and meaty piece goes on to reveal the man’s thinking behind his somewhat retro but progressive new entry into the hallowed fighting game series, as well as some thoughts into the past and future of the franchise.

According to Ono, he believes that Streetfighter III became a game that was the territory of an ‘exclusive club of players’, so casual gamers needn’t bother to play (Poppycock). SFIV seeks to make the game accessible to more players of all skill levels.But despite the back-to-basics principle that SFIV seems to be working on, Ono’s parting words give hope to those (like me) wanting the return of some other favorites aside from the original World Warriors. The home version of SFIV, if and when it is confirmed, may include Sakura (SF Alpha) or Ibuki (SFIII… WOOHOO!) or even more extras since there is a lot more expectations from home ports.

That’s good to hear… Ibuki will sell this game to me, honestly. Right now, I’m still on the freakin’ fence with the game’s meager roster.More on this as it happens. To read the whole Wired article, go here.


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