Final Fantasy XIII Details

The latest issue of Famitsu Japan revealed quite a bit of information about Square Enix’s next big RPG, Final Fantasy XIII. Yeah, we’ve all heard before that the game is set between the two worlds of Cocoon (a floating utopia created by crystals) and Pulse (the natural, more dangerous world beneath).

The previously shown hero character, a female warrior named Lightning (not her real name), is joined by a bandanna-wearing guy, and this time by a pigtailed girl (not Ranma). All three are assumed to be playable characters, as well as members of the Lusi, a special breed of individuals chosen by mysterious, supernatural beings known as the Farsi to carry out special tasks. It appears that Lightning at least has a mission to bring down Cocoon, on orders from the mysterious Farsi. This is enigmatic since the Farsi are apparently the ones who created Cocoon in the first place.Taking a bigger role in the game and story apparently are Summons, including veterans like Shiva (who can transform into a bike), Ifreet and Carbuncle. It is not known how large or to what extent in the game their role is, but it has been seen that they will play a part outside of just simple battles.

A demo of Final Fantasy XIII has been implied to arrive sometime in late 2008, to give players a feel for the game’s battle system. I however have no illusions that this almost-legendary title will be appearing on our PS3’s anytime soon. Well, all we can do is wait and see. More on this as it happens, and there should be more in the months ahead.

You can check out scans of the latest Famitsu feature on FFXIII at Gamersyde.


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