First Tekken 6 Arcade Review

NOTE: This is for Tekken 6, original arcade version.

SD Tekken just posted what appears to be the first-ever Tekken 6 review. The report is from Masakun, avid Tekken player and fan who headed off to Japan recently to experience the game for himself (lucky bastard). It’s a pretty detailed, to-the-point review, which is cool. For the most part, Tekken 6 looks to be my dream game. Check out the review here.

So, what do I think? I am happy that the review has lots of detail, particularly on info about the customizations and characters. There are some iffy parts though, mainly the ones that are basically just his opinion. I have to say I like how the game uses in-game characters in motion instead of just character art like in previous games. I happen to like the music (although I agree Tekken 5, and the original Tekken, had the best music in the series) and don’t feel it’s ‘out of place’. I also feel that the comment about comparing this game with Smash Brothers was just exaggerating.

Some idiots may interpret this review as saying the game is crap. At worse though, I feel it is saying that Tekken 6 is like the series’ equivalent to Soul Calibur III… a sequel that has tons of new content and new characters but was seen as having broken or unbalanced gameplay. However, I LOVE Soul Calibur III. So I probably will LOVE Tekken 6. I love how each character is almost totally unique now, and the gameplay and animation so much more fluid and natural, barring the overpowered juggles. I can’t wait for this game, and I just am crossing my fingers for an announced date for the PS3 release. As the review says, the arcade version is made on a PS3-compatible system… a conversion should be quick. More on this as it happens.


19 Responses to “First Tekken 6 Arcade Review”

  1. Heavenly_King Says:

    I want Tekken 6

  2. Hey Why da hell is TEKKEN 6 going to be XBOX 360????

    It’s not right: SONY and NAMCO go Like YING n YANG
    Xbox 360 Is in my opinion Downgrading TEKKEN
    Just im expressing my opinion cause I don’t have a youtube account.


    • Why do you care so much about your console?
      Why do you believe the xbox is inferior?
      xbox360 and PS3 are good consoles but xbox360 is cheaper and makes more financial sense!
      PS3 has blu ray. Great if your into blu ray, not so great if youre not bothered about it!

      Stop being a Sony fan boy!

      • If Sony and Namco are like Ying and Yang, then why didn’t Ridge Racer 6 not launch with PS3? Ace Combat 6 is an Xbox 360 exclusive, the PS3 port didn’t happen, and Beautiful Katamari yet another Xbox 360 exclusive that did not come out on the Sony machine, the only game that did was Eternal Sonata (or Trusty Bell as its also known).

        This doesn’t make Sony and Namco, ying and yang does it exactly, because if it does then there relationship seems a bit rocky lately. Yeah PS3 got Ridge Racer 7 and Katamari Forever (I myself own both systems and take an unbiased view on both machines). But that hardly means Sony and Namco are joined at the hip. Ken Kutaragi (Playstation creator) now works for a part of Sony that works with a division at Namco, but Sony must know that the 360 is performing better or else Microsoft would not be given the chance to purchase such titles. Namco obviously port to the bigger user base which is still Xbox 360 (but only by a small margin at the minute)

  3. Richard reyes Says:

    uhm just to let you know. ting and yang are opposite eachother LOL . but anyways it was really suky to see tekken 6 make its way to the 360.

  4. kuntakinte Says:

    Why? How could you possible begrudge fellow gamers a great experience just because they happen to be playing on (gasp!) another platform? So petty and selfish. Not to mention stupid: the more platforms, the harder for the Sony’s and Microsofts of this world to keep their prices artificially high… But then comments like that come from twelve-year-olds – why do I bother…

  5. the main question on everyones lips that no one has come close to shedding any light on is ” can we fight online with it or limited to single player?”

    • It has been made pretty clear early on, that Tekken 6 for consoles WILL have online play. Recently the devs have even said that there will be a new way to play or interact with other players online, although no details have been revealed yet.

  6. Me....duh, who else :) Says:

    I think it is both good and bad that Tekken 6 is going to the 360.

    It should have stayed with sony, but hey, I can play it on my xbox 🙂

    Now if only SOMEONE kept supporting their original XBOX

  7. Me....duh, who else :) Says:

    I have soul caliber 4

    What I hate is that the clothes tend to be broken right off

  8. i wish it didn’t go to 360… i mean exclusives are what mainly sells consoles. some exclusives just go with their systems and i think it should stay that way. It used to be that when you thought of Tekken you thought of Playstation. Also the Tekken arcade systems were actually based on the Playstation. now that it’s multiplatform the release is also delayed and before you know it 360 might get exclusive DLC.

  9. I lol’d so hard when he said ” Tekken 5 have the best soundtrack” . Tekken 5 soundtrack sucks so hard! It’s bassicly shitty electro-tecno music. Tekken 2 and Tekken 6 soundtrack are far more better, the compositions are so much cooler to hear.

  10. So the release comes sooner, lets hope this game will kick ass

  11. I understand why some one would show concern over tekken going to xbox360! when you make your choice of which console to go to, you have certain titles that are associated with certain consoles! If everything is going to be multiplatform, why not just join up? lol

  12. Question.When the players goes at the Temple Ruins stage,i saw that the one walls has been breakable.What will happened when the players go to the one breakable walls.Could it be walls again o just through.

  13. When you here the soundtrack City After Dark.That soundtrack is similar theme of Triple H from wwe

  14. I guest you all don’t know about leo’s gender, Will ill give you a hint.Try using nina or anna,vs againts leo.Try using nina,s or anna’s slap to see.If leo slap which means she’s a girl and if leo didn’t slap then he is a boy (the command list of nina’s or anna’s slap is [forward+triangle button] then after hiting the slap try leo’s slap by pressing triangle only) note 1 times to slap so leo can slap to. Just try

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