First Look at Resident Evil: Degeneration!


Where the Resident Evil trilogy of movies starring Milla Jovovich chose to diverge from the path of the source material, the upcoming Resident Evil: Degeneration looks to spawn right from it. As in, straight out of the Biohazard games’ most awesome CG and coolest characters. This straight-to-DVD/video all-CG extravaganza promises zombies, monsters and more zombies. Oh, and the return of two of the series’ most beloved heroes, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Boasting of a ‘totally new storyline’ set 7 years after the original Raccoon City incident, this should be a treat for both game fans and lovers of sci-fi and CG flicks.Since this is a Sony thing, expect it to be exclusive to Blu-Ray (hang onto those PS3s) when it is unleashed later in 2008. For now though, check out the trailer posted over at Kotaku.

Claire’s still as lovely as ever. And probably a lot more kick-ass.


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