Playing Footsie


This nice pic and a couple more showing off the lovely Lili Rochefort sans her trademark gogo boots were posted over at Tekken Zaibatsu, and shows just one of the many options available to players in Tekken 6‘s Character Customization feature. This is a LOT better and more advanced than the ‘paste crap on your fighter’ feature in Tekken 5 and DR, and I am loving it totally. As mentioned before, the character models of T6 are actually ‘naked’ down under their layers of clothing, which allows for this detailed sort of customization.

I find it kinda ironic though that Tekken beats the infinitely more blatantly sexy Dead Or Alive to the punch with the game of Dress-up. Bravo, Namco! I’m sold. My PS3 is just waiting for your game. Heheheh.


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