Perhaps the only fighting game sequel with a FOUR at the end that isn’t Soulcalibur IV that can make me squeal with delight, Streetfighter IV has FINALLY made it’s appearance, albeit in just a short teaser video posted at gametrailers just now. Capcom has made it official, after years of speculation. I mean, it’s about FRICKIN’ time. The last formal SF sequel, the original Streetfighter 3, came out in 1997, for cripe’s sake.

Consisting of just a short but sweetly violent, stylized and kinetic cinematic fight between eternal rivals Ryu and Ken, the teaser reveals little of what Capcom has in store for us in their long, long, long, long-awaited sequel. We can only speculate- the video was in 3-D, so apparently Capcom may be bidding farewell to 2-D sprites for good now; if this is so, hopefully the game will still kick arse despite SF’s tragic past with 3-D (Streetfighter EX3, anyone?). There has been word that despite the 3-D movements of the trailer, the game will be a 2-D game… perhaps 2-D with 3-D graphics?

Nothing known as yet about the roster aside from the Shotokan brothers; I am hoping for at the very least the return of everyone from SFIII, and everyone else who matters. I just want my Ibuki back.

Darn, Fighting Games just got a whole lot more awesome again. STREETFIGHTER IS BACK, BABY!!! Check out the teaser here.


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