In a recent interview posted over at Gametrailers,  it was revealed that Metal Gear Solid 4 will feature cutscenes from the previous games as flashbacks to help thresh out MGS4’s narrative. This was shown in one cutscene where Snake and Meryl first meet in MGS4. These ‘memories’ of games past would appear as they did in the games they came out in, so the footage from the original Metal Gear Solid will look as as primitive as heck next to the footage from the next couple of sequels, not to mention MGS4 itself. Still, it will be pretty nostalgic and neat to see stuff like the Shadow Moses infiltration, meeting Olga at the start of Sons of Liberty and perhaps Naked Snake’s little interludes with Eva AKA Big Momma.

Anyway, another aside, there won’t be any more trailers coming out for MGS4 since the devs are hard at work with finishing the actual game instead of readying any more promotional material. Sounds fine by me. MGS4 is still set for an early 2008 release, which really isn’t that far off. Can’t wait.


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