Wet Wet Wet

There’s a new babe coming to videogame land. Her name’s Ruby, the deadly and beautiful (as usual) heroine of Wet, Sierra’s upcoming shoot ’em up for the PC and PS3. An expert assassin and wetworks specialist (hence the title, I guess)working for the government, the tattooed femme fatale is shown in the debut trailer dispatching baddies left and right with acrobatic ease… you’d think she was Chow Yun Fat’s daughter or something. In fact, the game’s system allows Ruby to aim and fire her guns even during mid-leap, making for some slick stunts.

The trailer has a Kill Bill vibe, which is kinda hokey though as you see hordes of gunmen rushing in to mob Ruby up close when they should just be shooting their frickin’ guns. It’s cliche, but darn the CG’s pretty. And I do find tattooed assassin babes darn irresistible. Well, it remains to be seen if this newbie babe can take on Miss Croft. Hot babes are easy to find… we’ll see if she’s got the substance to back up her claim. Wet is due out sometime in 2008.

You can check out the trailer at Gamevideos and Gametrailers. For screenshots, check here.


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