Fighting Fan Service

Anime Babes Battle!
It’s Dynasty Warriors, but with more boobs.

If you’re an anime fan to some degree, you probably know about Ikki Tousen. If you don’t, allow me to orient you. This anime/manga (retitled Battle Vixens in the US) is all about various high school students in Japan who possess special beads called megatama which contain the souls of heroes and warriors during the Romance of Three Kingdoms conflict in Ancient China. Yep… characters like Lu Bu, Diao Chan, Cao Cao and so forth have been reincarnated in the bodies of horny high school teens, most of them busty babes who have a penchant for getting their clothes ripped into shreds.

The series is pretty high on the fan service chart, with bouncy boobs, panty shots and violent brawls aplenty adorning pretty much every episode or chapter. The main heroines include Sonsaku Hakufu, a warrior-hero now embodied in a ditzy girl who loves to fight, and Ryoumou Shimei, a crafty warlord now inhabiting the body of a moody, emo girl with a fetish for French maid outfits and a fighting style like Royce Gracie. Sweet, eh?

Flash Kick!
Now THAT is what I call a Flash Kick.

Well, now fans of the game can look forward to a videogame with the Battle Vixens. Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon was released recently in Japan, and features schoolgirl brawls, rippable costumes, fan service alternate outfits and a new character created just for the game. Based more on the second Ikki Tousen anime, Dragon Destiny, this is more centered on the female characters, including the powerful, halberd-wielding Kanu. A bonus character for the game is Ryofu, from the first Ikkitousen anime.

Players may think that Shining Dragon is a one-on-one fighter, but in reality it’s classified as an RPG, and is a strictly one-player affair, with battles against multiple enemies and single character boss fights. There’s a Story Mode and Mission Mode, and you can upgrade your chosen fighter as well as unlock extra stuff like their PE uniform or school swimsuit for use in combat.

Crotch Shot! Crotch Shot!
This one screenshot probably has sold this game for quite a few gamers.

Well, early word on this ranges from HORRIBLE to For Fans Only. Well, I’m a fan of this series, so I’ve already ordered my copy. I’ll post vids from this sexy brawler as soon as I can, and give my own personal thoughts on it. For now, chew on the screens and check out more screenshots here.


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