Avatar: Burning Earth

With news of the Third Season Premiere of Avatar: The Last Airbender this September 21, Avatar fans are in for a big treat as well later this year with the coming of the second Avatar game, Avatar the Last Airbender: The Burning Earth.

Set for release this October, the game is set during the Second Season of Avatar, or Book of Earth, as players try to thwart a Fire Nation plot to conquer the Earth Kingdom. Aside from Aang, Katara and Sokka from the first game, playable characters will include Earthbending protege Toph, Jet the freedom fighter and even Fire Nation renegades Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh. Even animal mascots Appa and Momo will be playable in what are described to be ‘Dramatic Air Battles’.

Aside from the main adventure game, there will be an Arena-type fighting mode where you can pit your favorite characters against various opponents.

So far, trailers have revealed that characters like the evil Princess Azula and her cronies Ty Lee and Mai will appear as antagonists; it is unknown if they will be playable in some way. The voice acting will also be performed by the actors from the TV show. By the time the game hits on Xbox360, PS2, Wii, DS and GBA, the first episodes of Book of Fire will have premiered, so we can look forward to much elemental fun later this year.


One Response to “Avatar: Burning Earth”

  1. this game might not have good features or graphics but i still think it should be fun!!!

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